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Our expertise in handling some of the industry’s most prominent clients is evident in our success record, and highlighted by the global achievements of customers and partners who benefit from our products and services.

Offer your customers a true omni-channel experience across all channels whether it’s through desktop, mobile or a retail floor, your customers will enjoy a one seamless single account for all your offerings.

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Global Management System – A comprehensive hub of services to cover all your management needs. Our micro-services modular architecture enables you to utilize only the services you need as well as utilizing GMS as a whole complete package of services. A seamless wallet integration and an agnostic payment gateway ensures a fast, secure and reliable integration to master all your management needs.

  • Seamless Wallet
  • Payment Gateway Agnostic
  • B2B/C Multi-Tiered Business Structure
  • Accessible via GUI and/ or Secured API
  • Royalty Assurance and Settlement
  • Structure-Driven Authentication (Privileges)
  • Affiliate System
  • Support Applications
  • Flexible Reporting And BI Tools
  • Real Time Data Driven Marketing Engine
  • Deep Learning Behavioural Engine
  • Advanced User Segmentation
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Language
  • Intelligent Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Content Management System
  • Compliance And Regulatory Framework
  • Reliability, DR, Fail-over, Cyber Security
  • And So Much More..

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Logo GMSFalcon

Our gaming platform is build from the ground up for ultra high loads and offers numerous integration tools to any content provider. Offering a cross channel Jack-Pot Network and a comprehensive set of API’s allowing you to seamlessly combine with your home grown management tools or with the GMS. Gain access to our deep learning behavioural engine through our non-intrusive integration tools and start engaging with your users in real-time on-screen marketing, up-sale, cross-sale and in-game promotions.

  • Built For Speed (up to 100K bets/sec)
  • Seamless Integration
  • Progressive Jack-Pot Network
  • Stand Alone OR Integrated
  • Built-In Connectors To All Major Content Providers
  • Custom Integration To Any 3rd Party Content Provider
  • Reporting
  • And So Much More..

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Virtual Studio iconVirtual Studio

Our revolutionary do-it-yourself Virtual Studio allows you to create high-quality, unique games in mere weeks, turning any asset into an HTML5-friendly game. Once you’re happy with your game, get it up-and-running with Falcon and start engaging your users immediately.

  • Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Editor
  • Timeline Animations
  • Spine Integration
  • Texture Packer Integration
  • Huge Library Of Ready Game UI Components
  • Assets Sizing Optimization Tools
  • Sound Encoding
  • Slot’s Specific Reel Settings
  • Timeline Events And Triggers
  • Locales Live Preview
  • Custom Fonts
  • And So Much More..


Virtual Studio iconPAYMAXS

Our solution for lotteries and bookmakers lies in the intersection between the physical world and the digital space. The solution converts players from retail to online by leveraging exciting digital assets in order to maintain our position as a market leader in the gaming industry.


Our 3D interactive platform provides players with an enhanced gaming experience by using innovative mobile solutions. This is accomplished through our unique augmented reality content for mobile platforms which is connected to the lottery backbone and its back-office systems. The solution is enhanced through the combination of social media networking and specific promotional opportunities that can be provided to players and the lottery’s various retail partners. Converts players from the physical world into the digital space, and enables a user acquisition funnel where a new demographic of players can experience an innovative technology with traditional games.

The platform is already successfully operating in a number of lotteries in Europe and North America.


  • Convert From Retail To Online
  • Fully Featured Lobby
  • Add New Games And Promotions
  • Second Chance Games
  • Integration With Rewards/Loyalty Programs
  • Daily Bonuses
  • Mini Games
  • Full Social Media Integration
  • Responsible Gaming Limits
  • And So Much More..

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Logo GMSRetail

We are 100% Retail compatible. All our products and services support retail and land based gaming floors. With a comprehensive suite of API’s and SDK’s we are able to tap into any terminal device.

  • Integration with QR / Bar Code Readers
  • Physical Cashier Centers Support
  • Limits, Restrictions & Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Interface For Players’ Registration (for land-based Kiosks system)
  • And So Much More..

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