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Shared Wins Jackpots
Split the prize between the first-place winner and your most loyal players to create more winners.
Strengthening Community Bonds
Players who take part can feel seen and appreciated with this new split prize system.
Time Based Jackpots
It’s no secret now. Players know when a jackpot is about to pay out. Set up the anticipation, take control of the event.
Molding User Experience
Create an atmosphere of opportunity and anticipation by creating winners, and letting players know it. Let them in on it, in advance where and when opportunities abound.
Amount Based Jackpots
Set the goal and let your community of players know. Will you set a huge long-awaited mega prize? Or will you set the goal for a lower prize, quickly achievable, and create a community of winners?
Setting up Expectations
Make every spin more rewarding as it adds to the jackpot. Make spins more exciting as the prize becomes imminent.

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The Revolutionary Reward System
No wagering requirementsmaintains original gameplaysupports all gamesEasy to integrate
Providing more thrills and opportunities
in–game displaycategory prizes, per bet rangeflexible rewards and schedulesEasy to integrate

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