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The revolutionary reward system

New exciting bonus for player acquisition and retention. This virtual currency can be played with in any game type, maintaining original gameplay, and awarding real-money prizes. Of course, the player must reach the promotion-defined target amount of Bonus Coins first.
Same Gameplay
Players have complete control over their bets and balances.
Choose your game, any game.
All game types are supported
No Wagering Requirements
Players receive BNS to play with, no strings attached. If they choose to play with BNS, and reach the operator-defined target balance, they can win real-money prizes.
Redeem for Real Money
Operators have full control over promotion times, targets and potential payouts. Operators choose conversion rates for BNS to any currency. Whether 1,000 BNS is worth 1 EURO is up to the operator, as is whether player can redeem at 1,000 BNS or 10,000.
All Game Types
Adaptable and flexible, Bonus Coins are limitless as they do not depend on gameplay mechanics. No matter the game, whether slots, table or arcade, Bonus Coins is a reward that fits in seamlessly.
Grant Bonus Coins by Player Segment
Player may accept and switch between bonus play and real-money play for as long as the promotion is active.
Easy Use
Using Bonus Coins is simple. It’s intuitive so players can understand it immediately and operators can use it flawlessly.
Fully Configurable
Bonus Coins is whatever you want it to be, maintaining full configuration control while enacting fair and safe gaming practices.

engagement tools

Providing more thrills and opportunities
in–game displaycategory prizes, per bet rangeflexible rewards and schedulesEasy to integrate
More opportunities. More Engagement.
Thrilling cross-game jackpotsFully configurable Branded PanelEngaged playersEasy to integrate

Safe and responsible play ahead!

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